Condo Staging: 6 Powerful Tips

Condo Staging: 6 Powerful Tips

Are you trying to sell your condo in the near future? If so, you’re probably looking for ways to make sure you get as much money for your condo as possible. One of the ways to do that is to think about condo staging.

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Condo staging is important because it allows you to compete against single-family homes that may have more space and privacy. When it comes to condo staging, the devil is in the details. You should focus on space and lighting if you want your condo to look as good as possible. Take a look at several important tips below, and get the most out of the staging process.

Remove Clutter to Create the Appearance of More Space

Because condos are so much smaller than single-family homes, you must make your condo appear as big as possible. To do this, declutter your condo. Go from room to room, removing junk, miscellaneous items, and knick-knacks that might be on surfaces and countertops. If you store a bike in the living room, get a storage unit while your condo is on the market. This can make your condo appear significantly larger.

Clean Your Condo Thoroughly

When condo staging, it’s critical to make sure your condo is as clean as possible. You may want to hire a professional maid to do a deep clean of your condo. Do not overlook the smaller spaces in your condo, as these will be a part of every condo showing. Use a cordless vacuum that will make it easier for you to reach tight spaces. You can remove difficult stains from your carpet using vinegar and a toothbrush. Finally, use a dish cleaner to scrub your cabinets and baseboards. That way, your condo will be spotless for buyers.

Depersonalize Your Condo

You have probably worked hard to make your condo feel like home. You might have family pictures everywhere, toys laying around, and knick-knacks that appeal to you. Even though this is great for your living situation, people who are considering buying your condo want to imagine themselves living there. This is going to be difficult if you have family pictures everywhere. Therefore, remove artwork from the refrigerator. Put away your family pictures. Take steps to depersonalize your condo to make it easier for individuals and families to imagine what their life might be like in that space.

Think About Your Window Treatments

Windows are super important in condo staging. Space is limited in your condo and windows tend to be limited as well. When your walls are shared between multiple units, there are fewer opportunities to install windows. If you have shared walls on one or two sides, you won’t have as many windows, so you need to maximize the natural light when condo staging. If you have curtains that block your outdoor light source, get rid of them. It is better to have the blinds all the way up so that people can see the view. If there is a stunning view outside, this has to be a part of the showing. Remove excessive window treatments and drapes.

Get Brighter Bulbs for Your Lights

To increase the amount of light in your condo, invest in brighter bulbs. If you have not changed your light bulbs in a while, there is a good chance light bulbs have improved significantly. For example, replace your light bulbs with really bright LEDs that turn on the instant you hit the switch. You do not want to use lightbulbs that take five minutes to reach their optimum brightness. Otherwise, your condo is going to appear dark, making it harder for you to sell it. If you are unsure of which light bulbs to use, talk to a professional at the store.

Think About Condo Staging

These are a few of the most important tips you should keep in mind when you are condo staging. When your condo is on the market, you want to get as many offers as possible. That way, you maximize the sale price of your unit. If you stage your condo to increase space and lighting, you will increase the appeal of your unit.

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