Is it worth renovating your stairs when selling your house?

Is it worth renovating your stairs when selling your house?

When thinking about what makes sense to renovate to sell your house, it’s always a good idea to think about the first impression your home makes. In many homes, a central staircase is a focal point of the main entrance and plays a key role in that first impression.

An attractive staircase can really put a smile on those potential buyers’ faces. At the other end of the spectrum, an outdated, worn, or damaged staircase will take the air out of that big moment.

Have a look at your stairs and assess their condition. Our stairs take a beating, and the wear and tear can accumulate over time and be almost invisible to us because we see them every day. Are the railings and risers scuffed and worn? If you have carpeted stairs, what condition is the carpeting in? Is the centre worn, stained, and threadbare?

Stairs and railings can be a simple way to revitalize your home in a highly visible and important area. There are a range of options when you’re renovating your stairs. Everything from a complete rebuild to something as simple as painting your banisters.

The current trend for both floors and stairs is hardwood. Hardwood is easy to clean and offers a striking look. If your stairs are carpeted or have a linoleum covering, replacing them with hardwood can certainly add value to you home.

You have a couple of options when doing this. Once you strip the carpeting or linoleum off you can sand and refinish the wood beneath, replace the steps and/or risers with new hardwood, or go with stair overlays.

The choice of whether to refinish existing wood or cap with an overlay depends on your budget and the quality of the wood. Stairs made from good hardwood, such as oak or maple, are usually worth refinishing. If it’s low-grade pine or spruce then painting, capping or re-carpeting are better options.

If refinishing your hardwood isn’t an option, stair overlays are probably the most economical option. A full hardwood stair tread overlay system includes form-fitted tread covers and matching (or painted) riser boards. They adhere directly to the original wood staircase. You can get them in real hardwood or laminate material, the latter being a little cheaper.

For a simpler job, you can likely manage yourself. For something bigger, you definitely need to bring in a pro. If you’d like to discuss renovating your house to get it ready to sell, ask us about our Property Concierge program. If you qualify, you won’t have to pay for those renovations until your sale closes.