5 Spring-time Maintenance Tasks for Your Condo

5 Spring-time Maintenance Tasks for Your Condo

With the warmer weather coming, it’s time to start thinking about getting your condo ready for spring. There are a few simple tasks you can do now that will make your life easier when things get busy in the warmer months.

1) Replace Your Air Filter

 The air filter is one of those maintenance items we all forget about until we’re reminded by our asthmatic child or allergies acting up. Replace your air filter with a new one to keep allergens and particles out of your lungs.

2) Declutter

It’s easy to let clutter build up, but now that spring has sprung it’s time to take care of all those dusty winter things you’ve been meaning to put away. The warm weather means everything will be coming out of storage and you’ll want more space for summer clothes so go through closets, cabinets, and shelves to get rid of the junk before it piles up again. Make good use of your storage locker to keep your place from getting too cluttered.

3) Clean those windows!

With so many condos having floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s easy to get used to the grime that builds up. Get a clear view of that glorious spring sunshine by cleaning up those windows. Want a non-chemical way to clean your windows? Try a little hot water and vinegar instead of cleaner.

4) Repair Window Caulking

Temperature takes its toll on buildings. Cold and dry weather causes materials to shrink, and if you’ve had any cracks around your windows, at your baseboards, or anywhere else, it’s possible they’ve widened during the winter.

Now is the perfect time to do a careful inspection looking for gaps and cracks. If you find any and ask your landlord to repair them. Getting those fixed now means better functioning air conditioning in the hot summer months.

5) Makes those rugs pop

If you’ve got area rugs or carpeting have it cleaned. If you can’t get a professional cleaner in, you can head to the nearest grocery store and rent a steam cleaner. You’ll be amazed at the difference a deep cleaning makes, to their look and your air quality!

And heading into spring means the spring real estate market is also heating up. Our condo market has been a little quieter than the red-hot housing market of late, but there are signs that is changing. If you’re thinking of putting your condo on the market let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a free assessment and offer any suggestions to get the best sale price possible.

Clocks are also changing this weekend and that means it’s a good idea to change batteries in your smoke alarms and filters in your furnace (if you have a unit-specifc HVAC).